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Oskopia Kaleids 40. Birthday Page

Dear guests, visiting me here
Dear relatives, mother, father, daughters, sisters, brothers, nicest Gaby cousin and all cousins, newphews, aunts, uncels (but not the evil) and brother-in-law.

Dear friends, dear (umph, that's critical, forgetting somebody - and to tell you the truth, just 3 persons - that might look very poor) dear friends in Berlin and Bavaria.

Dear acquaintances, collegues, neighbours, sales ladies, teachers of my daughters, anybody who ever met me.

Dear unknown - you are well invited, too.

Fine, you are here. I have been looking forward to this birthday for 10 months. First, I have planned to give a great party and invite you all (besides the unknown and teachers <BOO>down with the empty joke</BOO> of course). That is no longer up to date. The point of view has changed.

Anybody expecting fillet steakfillet steak and carp and pieand carp, coffee and apple pie,wine und bearwhite wine and bavarian beer, now is leaving dissapointed. Oh, stop, if you are a colluege in Amberg and date is monday 11-29-1999 and hour is any am: You can find some cake in the kitchen in the programmers floor. (So I have cleverly avoided the heated discussion among the companies members, whether this truely is the 2nd floor or the 1st. Of course I have a clear opinion to this question.)

All of us will become 40 one day. That is not evil. It is not dubious. Some of you already have shown me how to do it. I know that millions succeeded in doing it. But I even had heard, that many people have fear of this day. I can convience you: It does not hurt. To make it a great success, you just have to pay attention to some few rules. I invite you listening to my <CAUTION> partely serious </CAUTION> thoughtsCollection of Wisdom  about being 40.

space.gif Andreas ball    My ball    Marthas ball space.gif

I hope you liked it a bit. If, do not make any plans for november the 27th, in 2009. I will celebrate my 50th birthday. A very big ceremony. In the internet or in real? We will see (, whether then a real world still exists ). I would be pleased if you then will look around here again. Of course you can visit this pages occasionally before or send me a message. Better you do not expect something new tomorrow. I am working on (the german version of) this pages for half a year. It is really <BUZZING>more difficult than programming.</BUZZING> I am not as fast as my genious youngest daughter who created her site on one weekend. (Of course I wanted to give you a link but she has moved. Nobody knows where to. The young generation is so mobile.) New pages on my site might need some months of work.

Fine that you were here. bye, bye, bye, see you

<<____H O M E       ____________ _______________ __________>


1) My opinion in the floor discussion unfortunately can not be translated by me. Really, this is no trick. In german I have applied 4 sentences in saying absolutely nothing. I can not redo in a foreign language, sorry. In this nothing nonsense burried is a link to my collegue gernots homepage, which still is under construction. back

Monika Fuerch alias Oskopia Kaleid, 1999